Giant Schnauzers

My Giant Schnauzer breeding started in 1968 when my first giant INT & Nord Ch Bisterskägg Berie got puppies. The base to later litters was however a wonderful bitch imported from Sweden INT & NORD CH FIN Working CH Kbsg Myrkarby Hilda. She inherited strongly both her beautiful exterior and powerful character. I have also imported other dogs from Europe. I’Erlo vom Krayenrain and I’Fisa vom Krayenrain we trained to achieve working champion titles, Beries Baukje v.d. Noorderenk from Holland and from Spain Mancha Magistral de Lordship’s. Unhappily none of these could be used in breeding because of diseases.

11998577_10200974446719272_1693723302_nOne hundred Beries Giants were born between 1968-1988 from a total of 14 litters. Of these dogs 35 percent became champions and most of them also  working champions.






Beries Frecki (1979-1993)

C.I.B. NORD CH, NORDW-81, -84, -86, W-84 Kbsg. FINN & SE Working CH Beries Frecki  showed clearly that a real giant is not only beautiful but also operational. She achieved the (BIS 1)Best in Show -title in the largest show in Finland in 1984 and the following year she won the gold medal in the Finnish working trials in tracking and finished the year with a bronze medal in the  Nordic Championships in Norway. Her offsprings also inherited her features and they competed several times in her breeding group with success.
Her wonderful character with strength, loyalty and integrity made her to become the deeply loved giant for the whole family.



BIS I breeder’s group in Helsinki Int. Show 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986.


INT & NORD CH Beries Actor
own. Leila Haapanen

INT & NORD CH Kbsg Beries Chap
own. Lauri Kalske

FIN & S MVA, SFKVA Beries Charlie
own. Sven Nordblad

FIN MVA, SF KVA Beries Charon
own. Pasi, Riitta Halme

INT & NORD DT CH Kbsg Beries Chips
own. Anneli Alfthan ja Jaana Taavitsainen

FIN MVA Beries Chock
own. Eila Nieminen

FIN MVA Beries Dehberman
own. Jukka Nieminen

INT & NORD CH Beries Dhagmar
own. Anita Mynttinen

FIN & M & KVA SM-pronssi Beries Dhia
own. Harald Laine

FIN MVA Beries Dehmira
own. Pekka Halonen

FIN MVA Beries Dhimja
own. Tenho Laine

INT & FIN & N CH V-81 Beries Ecu-Excellent
own. Kari Niemistö

INT & NORD CH SF KVA Beries Ecstas
own. Heikki Korpijaakko

KV KVA, FIN & S KVA SM-pronssi Beries Ecta
own. Riitta Halme

FIN MVA Beries Ecla
own. Katri Heino

INT & NORD CH Kbsg, SF & S KVA PV-81, -84, -86, V -84, SM Kulta, Pm Pronssi
Beries Frecki
own. Anneli Alfthan

S CH, S BCH Beries Fusca

INT & NORD CH, SF KVA Beries Frica
own. Ulla Frejman / Kennel Zimyrs

INT & NORD CH, V-83 Beries Gedicht
own. Eija Kuljukka, kennel Gewitter

INT CH Beries Genie
own. Ulla Tauluvuori, Kennel Bartig

FIN MVA SF KVA Beries Hilda
own. Eila Laine

FIN MVA SF KVA Beries Heide
own. Tarja Söderholm

FIN MVA Beries Idina
own. Orvokki Nyman

INT & NORD CH V-85,-86 SF KVA Beries Jefferson
own. Sven Nordblad

INT CH SF KVA Beries Jefta
own. Juhani Suontausta

FIN MVA SF KVA SM-pronssi Beries Lafitte
own. Aira Lailavuo

FIN MVA Beries Loafer
own. Kaarina Hankonen

FIN MVA Beries Lofty
own. Merja ja Johanna Sipola

INT & NORD CH S BCH Beries Lufsen
own. Tommy Kjällman

own. Taina Mikkonen

FIN MVA Beries Mignonne
own. Riitta Suvanto

FIN MVA, FIN KVA V Beries Nomadi
own. Leif Domke

FIN MVA Beries Nimrod
own. Reijo Korpela


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