Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer suits an active person and their time together will never seem too long. When jogging or trekking it will endure as much as a larger dog. You can easily train it if you really commit to the character of a schnauzer. The intelligence and need for motivation may complicate things that seem simple – so there will also be enough challenges. The typical character of a miniature schnauzer is revealed in mutual activities when you get to appreciate the best features of this adorable breed.

kalle-paaI would say one specific characteristic of the miniature schnauzer is its ability to adopt to new circumstances. A miniature schnauzer wants to share all of the activities with its family. It is not suited to be a kennel dog, but it wants to be a full member of the family. The devotion to its master is total. It is not a humble servant but its trust and affection must be earned.

The miniature schnauzer is easily maintained provided it has a coat according to the breed standard. It must be trimmed twice a year and kept tidy in order to be called “easily maintained” in practice. This will ensure no loose hair and keep it clean in muddy weather.

Although the miniature schnauzer of today still belongs to the so called healthy breed, it is not without hereditary diseases. The goal of refining the breeding process is to eliminate these diseases. This will require that the breeders are well aware



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